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 Tarot spell of clarity

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PostSubject: Tarot spell of clarity   Mon Nov 26, 2007 10:30 am

Begin this clarifying spell with an oil that is not too floral or spicy and aniont a pale blue candle from the center outward, concentrating on your situation.

In a quiet place, where you won't be interupted light the candle. Hold in your hand the Ace of Cups from your faveorite tarot deck. State your situation in a short precise sentence and concentrate on the water in the card. Follow your breath. The water will begin to move. Shapes my form either as answers to your questions or an entity who rises out of the water to speak with you.

Do this for fifteen minutes a day untill the candle burns out. You will know what you need to do by then.


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Tarot spell of clarity
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