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 Ritual to Skadhi

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PostSubject: Ritual to Skadhi   Wed Nov 28, 2007 4:51 pm

The ideal setting for working with Skadhi would be on a snowy mountaintop-- the Rockies or the Sierras come to mind-- or failing that, on a hilltop out of doors, or perhaps in a snowy orchard of blossoming apple trees. The chances are, however, that you will be working inside a building, and will have to journey to the Utgard that lies within.

Your altar, however, should evoke the natural world, especially those elements dear to Skadhi. You might cover it with burlap or a piece of leather, and on that pile a miniature peak of stones. Greenery, especially evergreens (in the winter), or early blossoms (in the spring), should be added, along with pictures or figures of wild creatures such as eagles and wolves. Stones which have been associated with Skadhi are the naturally terminated quartz crystal (which in old Germanic languages is called "mountain crystal" or "ice stone"), or black serpentine in which white crystals are found. Depending on the season, her colors are the black of glacial rocks or of newly turned earth, and the white of snow or apple blossom.

For her offerings, a crystal cup (called a "rime-cup" in the Eddas ) is appropriate, filled with iced vodka or with sparkling spring water. For food, try black bread (Russian rye), and the meat of a goat, or wild game.

To get into the mood, you might play a tape of the howling of wolves.

Preparing Sacred Space

When you are ready, purify your circle by going widdershins around it, first sprinkling with water and then fanning smudge smoke around the space. The following words can be used:

Mountain stream makes all things pure,
as melting ice,
as springtime snow.

Mark out the boundaries of your sacred space and invoke the primal powers to ward it by carrying an arrow or athame deosil around it, saying something like the following:

Sunwise I walk the way of wonder,
By arrow's flight the worlds I sunder,
From Innangard the blade I bear,
This night to Utgard I will fare--

Nordhri and Sudhri, Austri and Vestri, (face N, S, E, and W)
Dwarves in all directions dwelling,
Honored Ones, the Earth upholding,
Balance me and bring me blessings!

To guard the circle, summon the giants who are Skadhi's kin:

Hraesvelg, eagle-winged wind-maker,
Kári, we call you, carry wisdom, (COW-ree)
From Jotunheim's cold cliffs come flying-- (JO-tune-haym)

Loge, listen, lord of flame, (LOW-geh)
Laufey, flickering transformation, (LAU-fee)
From Muspelheim, master, and mother of changes-- (MUS-pel-haym)

Ocean-lord, Ćgir, open your cauldrons, (EYE-yeer)
Ran, whose realm receives the drowned ones, (RAN)
From all the oceans, answer our calling--

Ancient Ymir, Earthly essence, (EE-meer)
And Jordh Earthmistress, mighty mother, (Yordh)
From the midst of Midgard may you hear--

From Primal Powers I ask protection,
Watch and ward me in my working.

Calling the Goddess

Now light a white candle and call the goddess--

Skadhi, shining snowshoe goddess,
Ice-bright beauty,
With winter's white the earth you warded.
Wise bride of gods;
Now comes springtide, snows are melting,
Soil awaits the plow;
Free frozen hearts, make us fruitful,
Skadhi, I summon thee!

You may also honor her with this song:

When wolves howl upon the mountain heights,
Swift beneath the Northern Lights,
Skadhi comes skimming o'er the snow;
When it goes,
Her sweet buds will swell the bough,
Earth shall open to the plough.

Journey to Utgard
Sit for a few moments quietly, watching the glimmer of the candlelight on the crystal. Then read the meditation at the beginning of this essay. When you have done so, close your eyes, steady your breathing, and visualize yourself journeying to seek the goddess, either in her mountain hall or in the fields of spring. Ask her to make you more independent, or courageous, or physically fit-- whatever you need-- or ask her to advise you on what you should do. When she has spoken, return the way you came, and quicken your breathing as you make the transition back into your circle.


Afterwards, you may celebrate with food and drink, blessing it as follows:

Behold the golden grain that's growing,
Sprung in fields of no man's sowing,
The children of the Tree to nourish,
So that the clan of life may flourish.

From icy slopes the streams are flowing
As the hours of light are growing,
Sweetness from the snows distilling,
All of Life's desire fulfilling.

Returning to the World
When you are done, thank Skadhi for her blessings and blow out the candle. Then thank and dismiss all the other powers.

Ymir and Jordh, Midgard's matrix,
Ćgir and Ran, openers of ocean,
Loge and Laufey, with fiery light,
Kári and Hraesvelg, winds of wisdom,
For warding my working now I thank you:

Nordhri and Sudhri, Austri and Vestri,
Dwarf-kin I dismiss you, with thanks for your kindness.

Unwind the barriers that separated your space from consensus reality, and return to the human world.

Round about and back again,
Sacred circle be undone,
This place to all good use returned,
Leave me with the lore I've learned.


There is a place where darkness and beutay meet.
Where romanticism and love are a strength
and were the seemingly delicate shine with thier own
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Ritual to Skadhi
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