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 Charm Against the Evil Eye

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PostSubject: Charm Against the Evil Eye   Tue Dec 11, 2007 2:24 pm

To make a traditional charm against the evil eye gather up beads preferably with a circular design known as eye beads becasue they appear to have an shape in the pattern, though any shiny beads will do. Hang the beads on strings about your work place, attrached to drawer handels, the brancehs of plants and so on to create a repllent against any negative energy you my experince in your work place. If you cannot hang the beads at work, or prefer not to, you may wear them around your wrist or neck, you can even keep them hidden under your shirt if you choose.

Anywhere else you might experince angry glances and negativity you can use this charm, you may wish to hang some in your car against road rage, or wear them upon your person anytime you go out into public.

You can even hang some around your house if you fear wrath from neighbors.


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Charm Against the Evil Eye
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