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 Mistletoe Spell for Luck

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PostSubject: Mistletoe Spell for Luck   Fri Dec 21, 2007 10:53 am

With a consecrated ritual dagger, ceremonially cut a peice of mistletoe at sunrise on Winter Solistice. As you do this recite thrice the following incantation:

"Golden bough and Witch's broom, thy sacred names are spoken. By dagger's blade I conjure thee to see all back luck broken. Harming none, this spell is done. By law of three, so mote it be!"

Hand the white-berried plant over the front door of your house to bring good luck to all who dwell within.

Mistletoe was sacred to the druids and used in thier ancient fertility rites. It was also said to possess the powers of healing and protection against evil, fire, illness and bad luck.


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Mistletoe Spell for Luck
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