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 The Death Card

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PostSubject: The Death Card   Sun Jul 22, 2007 2:00 pm

This is a topic I rather enjoy talking about, for there is such a wide misunderstanding around it, I do my best to enlighten others on the subject. Of course we are all famillair with the infmaous death card, as it is used in movies, tv, and the occasional books, often as a sign of some great evil to come, or signifying a bad omen. We are quite famillar I am sure with the scene where one goes to see a fortune teller to have thier cards read, and the reader is lying down the cards when suddenly scary music plays and she gets this look on her face and jumps up on the table and refuses to finnish the reading and the other person panics, and demands to know what happened before eventurally storming out and then the camera pans down to the death card on the table.

In truth the death card is not a thing to be feared, nor does nessciarly signify or represent ill omen, and it is not turly a card to stand for ones physcial and acutal death, but rather is a card of change and transistion, it represents a new path in your life about to open as something else comes to an end. It can signify the end of a relationship or a job, it closes on chapter in your life, and leaves you free clear path to start another. The death card means a transformation is about to occur and it can acutally be the cause and predictent of good changes to be made and good things to come.


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The Death Card
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