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 Mandrake Money Spell

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PostSubject: Mandrake Money Spell   Thu Jan 03, 2008 10:01 am

Mandrake is regarded as one of the most magickal of herbs and can be used to help gain money.

First gather the root under the light of the full moon with the point of a silver blade. Clean the root in fresh water if you can, if not, bottled water will do and place the root in a velvet lined box.

Put the box in an active part of the house, and leave it undistrubed for three days. On the thrid night, soak it in warm water (either fresh water, or bottled) overnight.

The root is now ready. Place it back into the box this time with silver coins. Lock the box and store it away.

Your money should double.


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Mandrake Money Spell
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