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 Key 14-The Twenty-fifth path (Temperance)

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PostSubject: Key 14-The Twenty-fifth path (Temperance)   Thu Jan 17, 2008 12:49 pm

Key 14 - Temperance - Samech - Tent peg
Gematria Value: 60
25th Path Aloes, aloe wood | Turquoise, Chalcedony
From Yesod to Tipharet | WEST-ABOVE 14


Adaptation, Coordination, Equilibrium.


YULE begins at the end of Sagittarius, at the Capricorn cusp, Key 15

This card shows balance of energies, an attuning of mental/physical/sexual charges.

Samech is the last of the second seven, completing laws or agencies.

Centered in the tight Yesod/Hod/Tipharet/Netzach diamond, the path of Temperance balances intense forces. This is the only zodiacal Key situated on the middle pillar.

Temperance is the Jiva, or individual human incarnation (Tipharet). Its choices are influenced by samsara, or delusion, associated with Yesod.

The Angel Michael stands with one foot on earth and one foot in the water. The water refers to the cosmic mind; the earth is physical manifestation.

He pours an electrical fluid from a gold cup into a silver one, showing transmutation of vital energy. A cup also appears in Key 1.

The fluid between the cups is a wave-form, like the Aquarius glyph, and suggests vibration, or DNA. The cups are held at right angles - a square. In astrology the square is a "stressful," or "working" aspect.

A stone is frozen music.
Pythagoras (Mystic and inventor of geometry)

The fluid is also a reference to Prana, the vital force we absorb when we breathe. The Yogic science of Pranayama addresses breathing and breathwork in detail, optimizing this basic survival function. Prana is associated with Key 0, The Fool.

The stream of liquid suspended between the cups is the Sushumna, the channel of Prana centered in the spine and culminating in the brain. Ida and Pingala are spiraling channels wrapping the spine in helixes. Ida brings in Prana, and Pingala expels waste (carbon dioxide). Kundalini yoga is the process of channeling sexual energy (kundalini) up through the Sushumna, the Chakras, and into the Crown.

Kundalini (literally "coiled up") is a spiritual energy lying dormant in humans at the base of the spine. When this energy is wakened in a spiritual aspirant and passes up through the chakras into the crown, it manifests itself in mystic experiences and various degrees of illumination.

Yoga is the "yoking" or "union" of the individual with the infinite. There are many kinds of Yoga:

Pranayama - Yoga of breath.

Hatha Yoga - a series of postures, or asanas, devised to keep the body healthy, so it will not be a hindrance to good meditation.

Jnana Yoga - the yoga of pure thought, logic.

Bhakti Yoga - the yoga of dance, music, and emotional devotion.

Karma Yoga - the yoga of good works; the yoga of our daily employment.

Kundalini Yoga - channeling of the Tantric force up through the Chakras.

Raja Yoga - a combination of the various strands.
Yoga is part of the intentional effort humans can perform to rejoin with source, or Brahman, and to bring Tikkun Olam - healing to the world.

Temperance also means "modifying" or "tempering." One changes, the other strengthens. Here, it means both. This is our experimental function, of testing theories. It is also balance, adaptation, and adjustment, resulting in equilibrium. This is tempering the soul to make it a fit vessel for higher illumination. It also means restraint, avoidance of excess.

"Moderation in all things." Siddhartha Gautama Buddha

Samech means "tent peg," as in that which holds things together. Since a tent is shelter, this is of vital importance. It also means "support."

Samech is "support," because when the letters were carved in the sapphire tablets on Sinai, they were cut all the way through the stone. The center section of the Samech is miraculous because it stays in place with no visible means of support. This reminds us of the need sometimes to be able to function in life with no visible means of support. The word in Hebrew for "miracle" is "nase" - spelled nun - samech. The Nun is the praying person, and the Samech is the (apparently) miraculous result.

The word above "neesee" means "my miracle." The dot in the center of the samech follows grammatical rules, but also can be seen as a person on an island, surrounded by a protective moat. Thus samech becomes another "temenos" or sacred space, the shielding wall of a fortress. Samech is the gestating womb, generating the spiritual.

Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius, is exalted in Cancer, Key 7, another temenos. The temenos is also associated with Key 9, and Key 11.

Vibration, syncopation, reticulation, pattern, and the point-counterpoint of nature are attributes of Key 14. These characteristics are fractal, and permeate our world.

Michael is the "Creator and Master Son of Nebadon, universe father, self-bestowed as Jesus of Nazareth" in the Urantia cosmology.

The iris flowers refer to Iris, Goddess of the rainbow, Jupiter's messenger following her curved path. The rainbow is the bow of the archer, Sagittarius. This is the "Rainbow Bridge." The rainbow comes after the rain, thunder, lightning and destruction of an earlier card, the Tower. The rainbow also shows a balance, an even distribution of diverse elements, with no one force overpowering the others.

The Angel wears a fire triangle on his chest, showing aspiration and the connection with Sagittarius. The triangle is enclosed in a square; showing the development of form, from 3, to 4 sides. 3 plus 4 is seven, the number of the chakras, and the musical scale.

The triangle is associated with spirit, while the square is associated with matter, form, and solid reality.

All geometry is either parallel lines, lines at angles, or curves. "Square is to triangle" as "parallel is to angle," so the two forms become a polarity. Interplay of square and angle between planets and anchor points is the basis of evaluating aspects in the astrological chart, among many other things.

The pool of water is a reference to Yesod, the central Sepher in the lower realm of personality. The Sun on the angel's headband shows Tipharet, the central Sepher in the realm of soul. The angel crosses the bridge from personality to soul, balancing Netzach and Hod, keeping to the middle path.

The sun rising between the two peaks is a crown, referring to Keter. The peaks are Binah and Kochma, and a path leads to them. This part of the image depicts the goal of incarnation and evolution. Crowns appear in Keys 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 11, 14, 16, Keter,and Malchut.

In the Yesod/Hod/Netzach/Tipharet crucible, Key 14 is the purified metal, while Key 16, The Tower is the burned-off slag.

Key 14 urges us to try, to press on, to aspire, to test, and experiment. It speaks of purification, and authenticity.


November 21st to December 21st.

Ruled by Jupiter.

I perceive.

Teacher or Preacher.

Mutable Fire. Inventiveness, creativity, enthusiasm, and courage, all characteristics of fire, sport in Sagittarius, trying on a variety of costumes and personae. Sagittarius is the 'indoor summer,' the holiday season, the entertainment of winter warmth and hearth. Sagittarius takes the adventurous nature of fire to extremes, pushing limits on every plane, from physical activity to intellectual summits. Sagittarius influences in the chart (Ninth house, or planets in Sagittarius) create an emphasis on expanded horizons. This can manifest as heights of wisdom, and a wide spectrum of experience.

Sagittarius is discussion, argument, linguistics, extended travel, and 'cross-pollination' of the human experience.

Sagittarius, when active in the chart, is dynamic, creative, versatile, unpredictable, inventive, inspired, optimistic, philosophical, cheerful, idealistic, unrestrained, honest, sincere, a counselor, grateful, direct, energetic, noble, charitable, enjoys learning, original, unselfish, articulate, visionary, artistic, sensuous, attentive to opportunities, managerial, brave, humorous, influential, cultured, dependable, loves spreading knowledge, charming, unpretentious, wise, fortunate, progressive, just, respectful, good with languages, strategic, resourceful, and happy.

Unfavorable Sagittarius can be a dilettante, a know-it-all, inconsistent, flaky, shallow, ponderous, pompous, arrogant, prone to excess, spoiled, overoptimistic, thoughtless in speech, irresponsible, bad with time-money, pointlessly argumentative, insubordinate, disrespectful, superiority complex, exaggerating, wasteful, misses opportunities, superficial, pretentious, brutish, rude, flamboyant, too easily impressed, trivial, gets discouraged without immediate results, overstimulated, unscrupulous, reckless, without honor, corrupt, spiritually empty, or glib.

The fire of Aries bursts forth like the volcano; Leo's fire burns like the sun, and Sagittarius flickers like the candle or incense fire.

Sagittarians often have more than one goal in mind at a time, which can be a problem, with energy being diffused. They relish the quest for knowledge, like to spread knowledge, and dislike restrictions of any kind. The tendency to be outspoken and tactless is tempered by time and embarrassment.

Sagittarius seizes every opportunity to propagate knowledge.

Sagittarius is symbolized by a centaur with a bow and arrow. A beast from the waist down, Sagittarius is all human from there up. With an arrow and bow, Sagittarius targets distant goals, and often achieves them.

Domains of Sagittarius are education, sports, travel, administration, mysticism, religion, philosphy, art, music, dance, theater, higher learning, libraries, the edge.

Lessons for Sagittarius include discipline, moderation, conservation of energy, clarification of goals, commitment, and completion.

Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs. It is the contained fire of Prometheus, flying sparks, a campfire, or lightning (Jupiter's thunderbolts).

For Sagittarius, the Shadow takes the form of Other's ineptness, irrelevance, bad taste, or hesitant, worrisome nature. This is really your own fear of doubt, or of not being as smart or hip as you style yourself. Work with your shadow, and the people you project it onto, by realizing that their "inferiority" is an example of the common touch, and would enhance your ability to see the bigger picture, when you finally blend with it. Being more honest about your self-doubts will put others more at ease. The more you deny your Shadow, the more it will manifest itself and attract what you will interpret as disruption or pain.

Sagittarian carelessness can bring a tendency to "burn bridges," or leave a "trail of destruction." Fire sign arrogance must be refined, as in Leo, to be even remotely palatable to everyone else. Unfavorable Sagittarius has a reputation for "flakyness," insincerity, selfishness, and arrogance. The real problem is not really what it appears - the actual source of the problem is the Sagittarian scattered-ness and absent minded-ness. By itself, Sagittarius is childlike in loyalty and sincerity - but like all signs and all charts, no one sign exists in a person without a complex of other influences. Sagittiarian betrayal is painful because of this initial innocence, coldly dismissed.

The Ninth house has the character of Sagittarius: planets in this house are concerned with Learning; the realm of the higher mind, higher education, long journeys, and team spirit, expansion of horizons both mental and spiritual, planetary consciousness. The ninth house begins the utopian trend in the last four signs.

The fire triplicity is Sagittarius (mutable), followed by Aries (cardinal), and then Leo (fixed).

In the natural order of the signs, Sagittarius is fire, preceded by Scorpio (water), and followed by Capricorn (earth).

The opposite axis, or antidote to Sagittarius, is Gemini.


There is a place where darkness and beutay meet.
Where romanticism and love are a strength
and were the seemingly delicate shine with thier own
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Key 14-The Twenty-fifth path (Temperance)
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