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 Old Hungarian Health Spell

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PostSubject: Old Hungarian Health Spell   Mon Feb 04, 2008 2:13 pm

When somebody is ill and all the herbal medicines and the doctor's medicine seem to be no help, perform this as a last try.

Lay the ill person naked in a beam of full moonshine. Have one basket filled with 13 fresh eggs and another basket that is empty. Take one egg at a time and rub it on the person's skin slowly, touching all the crevases. When the entire egg surface is used, take the next fresh egg and place the used one in the empty basket. While you do this, say:

By the power of Diana, by the power of Aradia, may all that is ill be absorbed into this egg. By the power of Queen Isis, so mote it be.

When all 13 eggs are used, take a little water, bless it, put salt in it, bless it again, and sprinkle it around the corners of the sick room, saying:

The Goddess blesses her child. All is well now. Fresh new health will glow.
Dispose of the eggs in a living body of water, or bury them. Do not eat the eggs or you will get the illness.


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Old Hungarian Health Spell
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