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PostSubject: Succubus/Incubus   Sun Jul 22, 2007 5:12 pm

A succubus as many of us probaly know, is a female spirit/demon who is said to visit men in thier sleep and seduce them into having sexual relations and then draining them of thier life force.

The succbus was once beleived to be the cause of the wet dream, particuarly in the case of young boys, as in old traditional beleif young boys, and pious men such as monks were seen as particuarly favored vicitims of the succubus.

Though many legends commonly hold Lillith, whom I have already spoken of, a biblica and Judeo figure, to be the first succubus but there are varrious different occurances of succubi in an assorment of different culutres in one form or another. Though they may go by different names, they all have essentaily the same traits.

There are occurances of succubi, in ancient Summeria, Jeudiasim, Westren and Eastren Europe, the Middle East, and Japan.

The Incubus is understood to be the male counterpart of the succubus, who visists upon women for much the same purpose as the succubus. To seduce them into having sex, and draing away thier life force in the act.

There is not as much information regaurding the orgins of the incubus or its occurances in other cultures, it is most well known to be a demon accuring in Europe, there is even some legend that suggusts that Merlin was the result of an inccubus inpregnating a nun.


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