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 Key 15-The Twenty-sixth path (The Devil)

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PostSubject: Key 15-The Twenty-sixth path (The Devil)   Tue Feb 19, 2008 1:45 pm

Key 15 - The Devil - Ayin - Eye
Gematria Value: 70
26th Path Musk, civet | Onyx, Pyrite [Fool's Gold]
From Hod to Tipharet | WEST-BELOW


Freedom from illusion leading to transformation.


Enslavement of consciousness by the illusion of matter.

In alchemy, corruption and decay are purified into gold. Key 15 is that initial rottenness.

The Devil card, in our current mythology, is Darth Vader, the supremely evil and manipulative entity that conceals the Father, trapping him like a bee in amber.

This card arouses fear and anxiety. It is the "Shadow;" embodying the most negative and inferior parts of ourselves. Necessary as any other card, it allows us to put what it represents into perspective, or "To get a handle on it."

Ayin, Key 15, begins the seven of conditions, or effects.

The Goat of Mendes has his arms in the "coagula/solve" position - meaning "coagulate (or join) - and "dissolve." The "coagulation" is a drawing-in of energy. The "solve" is the use of the energy to dissolve, or cut like a laser. Keys 0, 1, 3, 4, 11 & 15 share this symbolism.

The right (aggressive) hand is in a position of Saturnine rejection held towards the heavens (A Saturn symbol is in his palm). The left hand holds the inverted torch of destruction.

The goat is a sturdy animal that lives in the heights. He survives on a meager diet, withstands fierce weather, and enjoys the best view. The Capricorn goat is also a "sea-goat," showing evolution from the waters of emotion to the dry heights of clear judgement.

The male and female figures have horns and tails, showing their focus on the lower mind. The man's tail is inflamed by the demon's torch, and the woman's tail is a bunch of grapes. This shows infatuation with the dark side and abuse of wine, and soporifics.

The two figures are chained, but the neck-holes are wide, and would be easily removed. Their bondage is of their own doing.

This is Dark Star as Midnight Sun, the glimmer of hope seen from the depths of a dungeon.

This card shows a demon at the gates of Eden; Adam and Eve are chained outside.

The Hebrew letter Ayin means "eye" or "foundation." The eye targets, focuses, and directs. It is an extension of self outward, able to penetrate. This is also the eye of inner imagination or visualization, the beginning of the manifestation process.

The eye is limited though, and can see only the circle of the horizon. The eye perceives appearance, not necessarily substance. Key 15 refers to this shortcoming, and the danger of relying on the eye only.

Mirth is attributed to the letter Ayin. Laughter is often prompted by visual incongruities. It also results from verbal "trickery;" and wordplay is often seen as "Evil" or "Arch."

New ideas are brought forth from incongruities and odd juxtapositions, and this card is seen as fertile ground for ideas, both good and evil. It is correction, brainstorming, and "Going back to the drawing board."

The symbolism of Key 15 represents the cruder forms of man's answer to the question: "What keeps me from expressing this inner freedom I feel?" At the same time, this picture indicates the correct solution to the problem, and points to the way which leads out of the difficulty."
Devil, in Latin, is diabolus, which means adversary. This is the battle of man against nature. In this sense, it is like the "battle" of the clay with the potter's hands, or the struggle of the butterfly breaking from its chrysalis.

The black background and the bat's wings refer to occult (hidden) knowledge.

This is the user, the one who selfishly manipulates for personal ego satisfaction. This one makes base instinct into a god.

The pentacle refers to the successful ordering of the five senses, and the resulting power. Here it is inverted, showing dark intent and misuse of power.

Ayin is the first of the last seven, commencing the sequence of conditions or effects.

YULE - December 22 - Yule is an Old Norse word for "wheel," a symbol that the year has turned. This is the shortest day of the year, and the depth of winter. The days grow longer from this day on, so this is the traditional new year. This is when the God is born from the Goddess. This is when the Oak King, symbol of divine rebirth, conquers the Holly King, a symbol of death. Yule traditions include decorated evergreen trees, the Yule Log, and the exchange of gifts. A piece of the old Yule log is kept for the next year, to light the new log. This fragment serves as protection for the home during the year.


December 21st to January 20th.

Ruled by Saturn.

I use.

Worldly One or Wet Blanket.

Cardinal Earth. Physicality, practicality, stability, seriousness, all characteristics of earth, originate in Capricorn, in its severe, deep, mature tones. Capricorn is the deepening of winter, beginning at the winter solstice, the moment when the days are the shortest. Capricorn influences in the chart (Tenth house, or planets in Capricorn) create an emphasis on world domination, achievement and security. This can manifest as power, prominence, success, fame.

Capricorn, when active in the chart, is ambitious, determined, calculating, sensible, wry, stern, ironic, witty, wise, frugal, quiet, prompt, thoughtful, solemn, serious, cautious, dependable, devoted, loyal, pragmatic, methodical, orthodox, just, purposeful, dutiful, logical, analytical, prudent, systematic, mentally probing, generous to the deserving, has stamina, is undefeatable, hardworking, earns respect, a good provider, mechanical or technical ability, protective, good with money, deliberate, contemplative, philosophical, has a rich inner life, deeply emotional, thinks things through, good planner, has clear goals, and gets better with age.

Unfavorable Capricorn can be manipulative, sadistic, overbearing, dour, austere, boring, staid, possessive, greedy, a workaholic, perfectionistic, obstinate, cynical, mocking, snobbish, humorless, aloof, cruel, coldhearted, merciless, dogmatic, gets used, obsessive, petty, feels trapped, misses the big picture, caught in dreary routine, vengeful, mean, bad with money, stingy, a tightwad, friendless, frustrated in love, uses sex for money, frigid or impotent, impatient, easily angered, arrogant, combative, ultraconservative, resentful, linear/inflexible, jealous, or pessimistic.

Capricorn, when active in the chart, can bring compulsive behavior, and a drive to control people and situations. Taurus, Scorpio, and Cancer share these traits, but Capricorn synthesizes the strategies of the other three. Using the earthy determination of Taurus, the aggression of Scorpio, and the calculation of Cancer, Capricorn reaches the pinnacle in whatever it does, good, evil or in between. Capricorn and Scorpio are the two signs most likely to be controlling manipulators.

Domains of Capricorn are speculation, law, medicine, engineering, banking, collecting, building, investing, the arts, music, culture, history, monasteries, or anything requiring commitment and determination.

Capricorn, ruled by constrictive Saturn, is always ready to remind us of harsh realities, and of the necessity for planning, and for caution. Capricorn is very careful of its dignity.

Capricorn, the 10th house, is said to be the fathering, or structuring parent, while Cancer, the 4th house, is said to be the mothering, or nurturing parent.

Lessons for Capricorn include kindness, generosity, flexibility, humility, letting go, learning to raise their values from an earthly to a spiritual aim.

Capricorn rules the knees.

For Capricorn, the Shadow takes the form of Other's guileless, childlike vulnerability, which riles your dread of appearing na´ve, un-worldly, or child-like. Work with your shadow, and the people you project it onto, by letting your innocence, the part of you Others truly love, show. The more you deny your Shadow, the more it will manifest itself and attract what you will interpret as disruption or pain.
For more about innocence, See Key 0, The Fool.

Capricorn is the 'Tenth House.' Also called the 'Midheaven.' This is the summit of the zodiac in its houses, the apex of prominence. The 10th shows achievement; many famous people have good 10th House/Capricorn aspects. Capricorn is Earth risen to Heaven; it has formed itself into rocky pinnacles; tough reminders of how far Spirit can go, when it has matter to play with, and a little time. The tenth house shows the dominant parent, standing in society, reputation, employers or self-employment.

Like all three earth signs, Capricorn has a tendency to stay put, in one way or another. With Capricorn, if afflicted, it's more like being stuck, or like an endurance contest.

The Tenth house has the character of Capricorn: planets in this house are concerned with Achievement; this is the realm of fame, fortune, social prominence, and character when well aspected, and infamy when not. The Father is often indicated by this house, and the Native's highest aspirations.

The earth triplicity is Capricorn (cardinal) followed by Taurus (fixed), and then Virgo (mutable).

In the natural order of the signs, Capricorn is earth, preceded by Sagittarius (fire), and followed by Aquarius (air).

The opposite axis, or antidote to Capricorn, is Cancer.


There is a place where darkness and beutay meet.
Where romanticism and love are a strength
and were the seemingly delicate shine with thier own
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Key 15-The Twenty-sixth path (The Devil)
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