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 Animal Kin

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PostSubject: Animal Kin   Tue Feb 26, 2008 9:04 pm

One particular type of Otherkin that is a bit different from the others, I refer to as Animal kin of which you will see why shortly. As well you will understand what makes Animal kin different compared to other types of Otherkin.

To sum it up, Animal kin are people that feel a very strong bond, attraction, association with one particular animal, to the point that they identify more with that animal than they do with human beings. They feel a spiritual link to that animal, and actually feel as if their soul is in fact that of the animal in question, that just happened to be trapped within the confines of a human body.

They feel as if they were truly meant to be said animal instead. And really it can be any animal. The feelings that Animal kin have really go beyond and far more deeply than those that simply feel a spiritual connection to a totem animal, or familiar. As in those cases the person can identify themselves as being separate from the animal, they still identify with being human.

But Animal Kin, feel they are that animal inside.

On the Learning Channel once they did a story about such people, and they referred to themselves as Fury's I believe was the term they used, and these individuals actually went through extremes to make them outwardly appear as the animal they identify with.

There was one that felt they were meant to be a tiger, and they were getting tattoos over their entire body to look like tiger stripes.

There was another whom was getting their tongue forked, so it would be more reptilian and snake like

And there was another who simply dressed up in an animal suit like a Halloween costume, and would live as if they truly were that animal during the time in which they were dressed as the animal.

Of course they are extremes, not all Animal Kin have to or do go to such lengths, but they all feel inside the way these examples try to make themselves appear on the outside.


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Animal Kin
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