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 Theban Alphabet

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PostSubject: Theban Alphabet   Theban Alphabet Icon_minitimeSun Jul 22, 2007 10:20 pm

The Witches Alphabet, also known as the Theban Alphabet, Honorian Alphabet or the Runes of Honorius is a writing system of unknown orgion, and wrapped within mystery. It is alleged to have been created by Honorius of Thebes, a legendary magus, and mysterious figure whom may or may not have simply been the tale of myth.

The Theban Alphabet first published by Johannes Trithemius in his book Polygraphia in the year 1518 it was in this text that it was attirbuted to Honorius, though Trithemius' student Agrippa, a German magician, occult writer, astrologer, and alchemist attributes the Theban Alphabet to Pietro d'Abano an Italian, physician, philosopher, and astrologer.

It had come to be known as the Witches Alphabet, because it was taken on to be used as a cipher in magickal writing to keep such works safe from prying eyes.

It resembles no other known alphabet and has not been found in any other publications prior to Trithemius.

Click here to view it:

Theban Alphabet Stonehenge

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Theban Alphabet
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