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 Herbal Moon Water

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PostSubject: Herbal Moon Water   Herbal Moon Water Icon_minitimeTue Mar 04, 2008 10:42 am

In order to make this potion, which is infused with power of the moon and a corresponding herb, you will need to prepare a clear glass container. Use a glass jar (approximately 12 ounces or somewhat larger) with a lid--make sure the jar and lid are thoroughly purified, washed, and sterilized. "The slightest dirt can spoil everything." Dust, yeast spores, bacteria, and other micro organizms can spoil your Herbal Moon Water. The jar may be ritually purified by whatever preferred method.

Fill the jar with one cup of potable water--bottled spring water is quite effective. Do not let the water reach the top of the glass jar, as the lid will probably be made with metal. Traditional herbal lore advises that metal may spoil the virtue of an infusion of herbs.

Place into the jar with the water one of the following: small piece or "one finger" of dried ginger root (Zingiber officinale), half teaspoon of dried chamomile (Chamaemelum nobis), or a sprig of rosemary (Rosmarinaus officinalis).

Seal the lid tightly on the jar. Allow the jar and its contents to bathe in the glow of the moon for one night.

Check a lunar calendar for the correct date for the particular phase of the moon you want.

Some people say that if one is making Herbal Moon Water with the full moon, one should set the jar out for three nights. According to some traditions, the moon is full for three nights in a row. Astronomers, on the other hand, state that, technically, the moon is only completely full on one night.

The moon phase will vary according to what you want the properties of the water to be. There are a few people who state that if you are making Moon Water to catch the energies of the waxing moon, you should set it out after dark for about 12 nights in a row, as the moon slowly grows from crescent to round. (Actually, this method is more suited to making a Lunar Tincture with one half of plain vodka and one half cup of plain spring water, and a suitable herb. One to three nights is plenty for making herbal water with any phase of the moon.) Since this herbal preparation is intended for drinking, make certain whoever imbibes it is not allergic to whatever herb is used.

Some old spells will call for the Moon Water to be made with mandrake (Madragora ofcinarum) root. Mandrake does have powerful lunar connections. However, this root is poisonous. Never use mandrake in anything someone is going to ingest.

Herbal Moon Water Stonehenge

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Herbal Moon Water
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