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 100 Candle Game

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PostSubject: 100 Candle Game   Mon Mar 10, 2008 11:14 pm

I just saw this really cool looking game, that I never heard of before on TV on this show called Parnormal state, and it looked really interesting and cool. It would be a fun thing to do on Halloween.

It is an ancient Japanesse game ment to inspire or encourage paranormal activity to occur.

It is called 100 candles, and you get together with a group of people and find somewhere you will not be distrubed to sit together in a circle, and when it get dark out, and if you are inside you turn off all artificial lights so you are in the darkness, and light 100 candles, than you just go around the circle, as one person picks up a candle and tells some spoky story of something that acutally happend to them, some experince they really ahd, and blows the candle out, than the next person picks up a candle and tells a story of thier own experince, and you keep going around untill all the candles are blown out.


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100 Candle Game
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