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 What Is Your Purpose?

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PostSubject: What Is Your Purpose?   Tue Mar 18, 2008 11:59 pm

1. Go to your sacred place where you feel connection to deity.

2. Ask your Higher Power what your purpose, your duty, your job, your goal in life should be.

3. Often this is part of a Vision Quest. There are many kinds of Vision Quests. Some are a rite of passage taken for a few days, a week, or even a month. Men and women both may do this and it is always done alone with a teacher checking up on the individual participating to make sure they are all right. Usually, a Vision Quest is taken for a reason to accomplish something or learn something. Some Shaman use Sweat lodges, listen to drumming, bells jingling, rattling, singing, chanting, meditation, etc. to get into an altered state to communicate with Spirit. Some go to high places, a special well, a special rock formation or a place of high energy or a personal known sacred place.

4. The ancestors or deity will fill your mind with information you need to know.

5. Stand tall with your arms raised to the sky and ask out loud what you need to know. Be still, listen to the wind, honor all the elements, all living things, your ancestors, your deity, and then your purpose, your goal, and your duty will begin to grow from that point on.


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What Is Your Purpose?
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