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 The Dominos

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PostSubject: The Dominos   Wed Mar 19, 2008 12:21 am

The dominos do not require the ceremonies of the Biague or the Dilogun. Since they are a simple form of divination rather than an oracle, their interpretation does not require as much experience or finesse. They are not as respected or trusted as the formal oracles.

How to Consult the Dominos

You need a set of dominos up to a double six. Lay the dominos face down on a mat or table and mix them up.

Pick up a domino from the pile and compare it to the list of throws. After reading it, return it to the pile.

Stir the dominos and repeat the process twice more.
If a piece comes up twice, it is a reaffirmation of the previous reading, but you have the right to pick a fourth piece.

Don't consult the dominos on Mondays or Fridays or more than once a month.


DOUBLE BLANK: A bad omen. Heartbreak and treachery. Lost love. Lost work. Lost business. Beware of accidents. What you gained through treachery and the black arts, you will keep. You will pay for it in sickness and suffering. Perform an Ebo for Oya and Chango as soon as possible.

ONE/BLANK: Someone will die in your house. You won't find luck. Beware your temper. Go to a Babalawo and do what he says.

DOUBLE ONE: Happiness in business and love. Harmony in the home. Romance and matrimony. Triumph and security.

TWO/BLANK: Treachery and bad luck. Women, keep your eyes on your husband or boyfriend. Travel. The change will be favorable. Give Oshun a chicken, pound cake with honey and five small coins.

TWO/ONE:A marriage to wealth will end in early widowhood. The second marriage will last for many years. You spouse may fall ill and die. Guard your money. Robbery. Get an amulet against envy.

DOUBLE TWO: This month brings happiness and success in business. Good luck in everything you do. An older man wants to harm you. The Ibeyi suggest a long business trip. Make Ebo to them under the direction of your godmother or godfather. Your future depends on the Ibeyi. Feed you collars. If you don't have any, throw the Dilogun and get collars and Ashe.

THREE/BLANK: A fight. The bad tempered wife wants a divorce. Infidelity. Avoid gossip, bars and darkened places. Feed Elegua on Monday. Do Ebo with a white rooster and throw the Biague. Elegua will tell you what to do.

THREE/ONE: Scandal. Problems with the law. Someone comes with bad news. You will solve the problem. Following Three/Blank, it confirms your spouse's infidelity. Elegua is playing tricks on you because you haven't fed him. If you don't have an Elegua, get one as soon as possible.

THREE/TWO: Love. Marriage. Business investments. Luck in gambling. The Orishas look after you. Honor and feed them. Take care of your children. They feel abandoned and are upset with you.

DOUBLE THREE:A large sum of money arrives. A good friend bears gifts. Recovery from illness. Reunion with a loved one. Elegua guards your door.

FOUR/BLANK: A broken heart. The marriage is off. Gossip and complications. An evil spirit is after you. Consult Orunmila if you're pregnant. Twins or triplets. A difficult or premature birth.

FOUR/ONE: Marriage. Economic security. Prosperity. Act on your plans before the end of the month.

FOUR/TWO: Big changes come for all aspects of your life. Transfers. Job changes. Make Ebos of food and music to Chango and Elegua so that all comes out right.

FOUR/THREE: Marriage for the single woman. A son for the married woman. A new wife for the bachelor. An affair and problems for the married man.

DOUBLE FOUR: Help from friends and acquaintances. A fun trip with good friends.

FIVE/BLANK: Women, the man comes with bad intentions. Suffering. Public humiliation. Beware married men. Beware accidents on the job. Make an Ebo for your head.

FIVE/ONE: Poblems with your stomach. An addition to the family. Don't dig up buried things. Don't eat pumpkins. You will lose money if your don't feed Oshun. Bathe in a river after offering it a lot of honey.

FIVE/TWO: Obstacles in your life. Don't marry. Don't move. Don't travel. Anxiety. Illness. You sleep badly. Go see a doctor. Don't change your normal routine. Don't allow yourself to be pushed around. Listen to advice. You have the gift of foresight. Develop it. Be initiated into Santeria.

FIVE/THREE: Peace and security in your business. A better job. You will get out of debt this month.

FIVE/FOUR: Love. Marriage. Lots of sons. Don't invest money this month.

DOUBLE FIVE: Love. You will succeed in everything you try. Make an Ebo to the Orishas with lots of herbs.

SIX/BLANK:Two marriages. A divorce and another marriage. Consult the Dilogun.

SIX/ONE:Arguments between parents, sons, and brothers. Disagreeable news from far away.

SIX/TWO: You will recover from an operation. A business recovery. The marriage will recover. A messenger comes bringing good news.

SIX/THREE: All obstacles to love will be overcome. Security and consistency in all that you attempt.

SIX/FOUR: A fast recovery. A marriage with money and lots of gifts. Someone wants to destroy your happiness. Don't worry. You will overcome all obstacles and succeed.

SIX/FIVE: Persist in what you are doing. Radical change in your life. A new beginning. Your health may be affected, but not for long.

DOUBLE SIX:Go see a Santero or a Babalawo. Receive the collars and learn about Santeria. You will find health and prosperity in Santeria. If drawn twice, become a Santero. Everything in your life depends on the Orishas and how you honor them.


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The Dominos
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