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PostSubject: Horns   Sun Jul 22, 2007 10:41 pm

There is a long history of the Horn as being a powerful symbol of fertility, and in this, many horned animals are also seen as been associated with fertility, as the most common animals that are associated with fertility, are honred.

The Bull, the goat, the stag, the ram

These are all animals that are used to symbolize and represent fertility. Gods that are arribtuted and associated with fertility are often dipicted with horns/antlers as well. This has crossed over into Christianty, in which the Devil is often attributed with horns, though the Devil is not per sae a fertility symbol he does represent what is caranl in us, and one of those so called sins is Lust.

The it might seem a bit strange that something that is so inherently masculine, as it is nearly always in most species the male whom is gifted with the horns, has been given such a strong connection to femmine power, and a link to the Goddess and a woman's birth rites.

One of the possible reasons for this, is in the fact that the power of physical strength and repodutive potency of horned animals were of importance to the economy in both ancient hunting and argiculture socities, and horns were a tool often used to plow this earth, and this was seen as a symbolic impregnation of ther Earth, and so it was thought the horn was charged with sexual power, also there is the added fact of the phallic shape of the horn


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