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 Grape Vine Beauty Ritual

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PostSubject: Grape Vine Beauty Ritual   Thu Apr 10, 2008 10:38 am

Sacred to religious ceremony and cultivated for centuries the grapevine is useful for more than making wine. Use the leaves in the following beauty ritual.

Blanch the leaves quickly and refresh with cold water. Place them on your face for a few mintues and relaxk, breathing the green color right into your lungs and system. Take some further leaves, blanched and refresehed, and incoprorate them into your diet, in salads, under cheeses, wrap around meat and rice, or simply chew them for that delicious grapey flavor.

They are excellent for circulation and liver complaints. Rub the leaves onto your skin as well as incooprating them into your diet to persuade toxins and cellulite to leave your system.

Finally wrap, a small photo and or lock of your hair in a leaf, and wish long, beauteous and healthful life to yourself. Place it somewhere safe.


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Grape Vine Beauty Ritual
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