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 The Magician

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PostSubject: The Magician   Mon Jul 23, 2007 9:35 am

The Magician is associated with the Greek messenger-God Hermes, who acted as a mediator between the divine and human realms, and symbolizes the link between the consicous and unconsicous mind.

The Magician is often depicted with one arm rasied and the other pointined downward toward a wand, penteacle, sword, and cup, illustrating his ablity to draw mental and spiritual energy from above and channel it into the mundane world below.

The wand, pentacle, sword, and cup of the Minor Arcana are associated with the four elements as well as intiution, sensation, thinking, and feeling. They reflect our innate rescources and the infinite number of possiblities that we all pocesss.

The Magician in turn reflects our potential for self-awarness and our ablity to recgonize, develop and channel our ablities in a very concrete and practical way.


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The Magician
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