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 Rainbow of Prosperity

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PostSubject: Rainbow of Prosperity   Tue May 27, 2008 10:44 am

When you see a Rainbow after a real storm, this wish-spell will turn an intensity of electric energy into a shower of good fortune so that you can find a pot of your own gold.

As soon as you see the rainbow take out a coin (preferably silver) and hold it up to the arc. Trace the shape of the rainbow with the coin. Tell the rainbow, which is deemed a sign of peace, that you wish to emerge from a financially stormy period. Press the coin between your palms, and imagine one palm filling up with more coins; than bow to the rainbow.

Go straight to a flower shop and buy an iris, the symbol of the rainbow, at home, or on your office desk, put the iris in a vase and place the coin next to it.

Gather six other colored items (anything will do: candles, ribbons, flowers, fabic, gems, etc..) so that all seven, inculding the iris, make up the colors of the rainbow; place these in proximity to the coin.

Leave them all together for seven days after which you should have seven bonuses of money.


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Rainbow of Prosperity
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