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 Fill your lover with thoughts only of you

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PostSubject: Fill your lover with thoughts only of you   Mon Jun 23, 2008 9:30 am

To make your lover think only of you

You will need: 1 meter of red ribbon

During the day, as many times as you can find a spare five or ten minutes, go to a quiet spot and wrap the length of ribbon around your right index finger. Put it to your "third eye" and concentrate on your love with all your might.

Vividly imagine the smell, touch, and feel of every part of his or her body, from the thip of the toes to the top of the head. (lingering on lips as you go). Mischeviouslly ask him/her to think of you, and try to hold the image and thought for five minutes.

Repeat several times during the day, and over the course of at least a week.

Whenver possible sleep with the red ribbon under your shared pillow.


There is a place where darkness and beutay meet.
Where romanticism and love are a strength
and were the seemingly delicate shine with thier own
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Fill your lover with thoughts only of you
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