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 Dispelling Warts

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PostSubject: Dispelling Warts   Wed Sep 03, 2008 5:34 pm

It is best to preform this spell upon a wanning moon.

By moonlight, bathe the affected area in a silver dish half-filled with water in which you have placed some dandelions. Say the words:

By the moon's etneral light
drive away this ugly sight

Rub the dandelions onto the wort to release the sap and pat dry. It is traditional to burry the herbs, which you can do when you are done, but if you are unable to, you may just toss them away.

Laste thing at night, dab some lemon essential oil neatly onto the wart area.

By morning you should see improvement, and you should conitnue the use of the dendelions and lemon oil for the remainder of the wanning moon.

The sap from the dandelions has prove to be effective on warts.


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Dispelling Warts
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