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PostSubject: Artemis   Mon Jul 23, 2007 9:51 am

Artemis is a Goddess from Greek Myth whom has always held my fascination and admiration, in part this is becasue she was the Huntress, often called The Goddess of the Hunt, she roamed the woods and the mountains, protecting the wilderness and its creatures. The nymphs were beleived to be in her attendence and under her care and gaurdianship

She is the twin sister of Appallo the Sun God, and she is often seen as being in connection to the moon. For she is often depicted with a cresent moon above her head. Strangely enough she was largely held to be a goddess of fertility and child brith despite the fact that she is also known as the virginal goddess.

She is most often seen with a bow and quiver of arrows, which are usually silver in color, as a symbol of the hunt.

Diana is the Roman counterpart to Artemis


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