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 Fevers and Flu

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PostSubject: Fevers and Flu   Mon Jul 23, 2007 10:39 am


False Indigo: This pretty plant has blue and lupinelike flowers. Caution: large doses can cause nausea, diarrhea and vomiting.

Purple coneflower: Indigenous to the United States, it is a powerful immune system stimulant.

Broadleaf plantain: With its ribbed leaves and upright flower heads it looks very striking in a pot.

Yarrow: Its generic name is Achillea and is said to derive from Achilles the Greek hero who used the herb to staunch battle wonds. Caution: can cause skin rashes, aviod large doses during pregnancy.

Gather: Ariel parts of yarrow and plantain when the plant is in flower. Dry for winter sue. Harvest and dry roots of coneflower and indigo in autumn.


Tea for head cold

Most fevers and flu strike in winter, so it is best to dry plenty of these herbs in the summer.

Make a standard tea with a teaspoon of dried plaintain and a teaspoon of dried yarrow to a cup of boiling water. Take three or four times a day as long as symptons presist.

Decoction for flu

Make a decoction with four teaspoons of dried purple coneflower root and two teaspoons of dried false indigo root to 1 pint water. Strain and leave to cool. Take one cupful either hot or cold four times a day during a bout of flu.


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Fevers and Flu
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