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 Y Dynion Mwyn (Welsh Witchcraft)

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PostSubject: Y Dynion Mwyn (Welsh Witchcraft)   Mon Jul 23, 2007 10:43 am

Y Dynion Mwyn (Welsh Witchcraft) is one of the oldest traditions of Witchcraft. In Welsh, Y Dynion Mwyn means "The Peaceful People" while Y Tylwyth Teg (American Version) means "The Faerie Folk." They are part of Dewianeth Cymry, the "Welsh Craft of the Wise" or "Wise Ones." Y Dynion Mwyn is also the "Welsh Traditionalist Church" in America, with members nationwide, and is one of the fastest growing Witchcraft traditions.

Where Wicca and some Neo-witchcraft traditions have three "degrees" of initiation, similar to the Masonic Lodge, Welsh Witchcraft has nine levels of attainment similar to the Etruscan Strega (Witches), Ordre de Seon of Brittany, and the Dianic Temples of ancient Greece and Turkey. The Pictish Witches of Scotland and Wales and certain family traditions of Witchcraft in Great Britain, and Ireland, once had a system of one initiation after many years of apprenticeship. A Pictish tradition was merged with the Welsh tradition in 1240 C.E.

Dynion Mwyn believes that all genuine spiritual initiations are conferred directly by the Gods, and that awakening to your own true nature is the only real initiation. You have either had this awakening, or you have not; if you have, then you have become enlightened, and are equal in status to any other initiate. Hence although our tradition has levels of attainment, there are really only two "conditions" of initiation: those who are awakened, and everybody else.

Dynion Mwyn, as we know it today, evolved over 700 years ago in the late 1200's when Prince Llewellyn ap Gwyfed commissioned certain Manuscripts to be translated into Welsh from Celtic Ogham Runes derived from his Druidic heritage. In 1465, an English translation of these teachings became the basis of our religious tradition.


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Y Dynion Mwyn (Welsh Witchcraft)
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