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 Santeria altar

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PostSubject: Santeria altar   Mon Jul 23, 2007 3:34 pm

This type of altar can be used for a few different things, it is best utitlizitied when trying to aquire a specific gaol, if there is a job you really want you can do this to help inhance your chances and perhaps make yourself seem more appealing in the interview, if you are being sent to court for anything you can do this to help see that things go your way be it a lawsuit, or if you are brought up on charges. It can also be used to turn the tides against a rival, soemone who has wronged you, and it can be used in love spells to help draw more attracition and love to you, and to turn your luck in love, and so on, these are only a few examples of ways to use this altar.

When I use this form of altar magick I will usually set it up on the first full moon before the event I wish to influence or make happen, and then leave the altar up untill the next full moon then deconstruct it, but you may keep your altar up for as long as you like and see fit.

You may set up your altar anywhere you like where it will remain undistrubed, it is really up to you just how you construct it and the things you add to the altar should be dependent upon the goal you are trying to achive, you should add things that are somehow connected to the goal, or ccould have symbolic representation of it.

Somethings that any altar should have though include, an altar cloth (this can simply be scarf that you choose to use, it does not have to be fancy, or if you happen to own a genuine altar cloth you can use that, or you can make something of you enjoy knitting or sweing) at least one candle, you can have more if you like, the color of the candle can be of your choosing but should be relating to what you are after. For example, for anything relating to love, a red or pink candle and so on. Incense, and some sort of offering to the spirts and or the deieites, a sacrifce of sorts, perhaps a bowl with some sort of libation in it, that can be poured out on the ground after you take the altar down, or you can leave flowers, herbs, furit, whatever your choosing, but something should be left just for them in gratitude.

Other than that, it should be whatever you feel works, what you feel would be important or what you feel drawn to, and you think points to the goal you seek to acheive. Mind you these things to not specifialy have to be magickal devices, just as an example if it is a new job you seek, you can place the application upon the altar and so on.

After the altar is constructed you should every night before going to bed, kneel before it and light the candle or candles, and burn the incense and concentrate upon your goal and your wishes, say a few words to the spirits or dieites you wish to call upon to aide you, and than give thanks, and put out the candles and incense.


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Santeria altar
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