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 Goddess Healing Ritual

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PostSubject: Goddess Healing Ritual   Mon Jul 23, 2007 3:38 pm

It is best prefromed at night right before going to bed, but it can be done at any time, preferably at the very least in a darkned room.

You will need:

2 black candles


one quartz crystal

a chalice with water

You can set this up on your altar, but you do not have to use an altar. Place the candles beside each other, about eight inches apart, and place the incense between the candles. The chalice with the water in it should be placed to the left of the candles.

Light the candles and the incense and turn off any artifical light.

Kneel before the candles holding the quartz in your hands, and pass the quartz through the smoke of the incense three times then rise your hands above your head holding the quartz. Invoke the Goddess in the manner of your chosing, and ask her to hear your pleas, then visulize all the negative energy, and illness as if it were a black mass, leaving the person you are trying to heal and entering into the quartz, then lower your hands and pass the quartz three more times through the smoke of the incense.
Repeat this whole process three times.

Once you have finnished run the cryatal just around the rim of the chalice and then drop it into the water. Thank the goddess and blow out the candles, and put out the incense. Leave the crystal in the water overnight.

In the morning take the chalice outside, and remove the quartz with your fingers then toss out the water, as if in libation, thanking the goddess once more. Dry the crystal off and put it away.


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Goddess Healing Ritual
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