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PostSubject: Grigri   Grigri Icon_minitimeMon Jul 23, 2007 3:41 pm

I think it is a good idea for a person to keep both a personal grigri satchel which they can carry with them and keep upon thier person to protect themselves as well as a grigri box which they can keep within thier home, to protect thier home and pocessions, as well as thier loved ones whom live in thier home with them.

Grigir orginaly comes from the Voodon know populairly known as Voodoo, and it is intended to be a charm and talisman which can protect an indiviaul as well as bring good fortune and good luck.

There are places, and online as well where one can by premaid grigri which consits of items that are considered in voodoo to act as deterenets from negitive energy and offer protection but I recoment a person put together thier own grigir of items of thier own choosing.

The kinds of things in which one might wish to include in thier grigri, can consist of things such as items that can in someway represent you, and are symblic of you in someway, as well as things which can be seen as personal momentos that you have an attachment to and wish to save and keep, items that can rerpresent the sort of things you wish to attract to yourself, as well as items that can acts as protection and a ward against negative energy, to give an idea here is a list of just some of the things I have in my grigiri.

A peice of amathyst for my birthstone, as well as a small maddlion with the pisces sign upon it

Forutnes from forutne cookies that I felt really spoke to my currenat situation

a small bag with grains of salt for protection as well as dried herbs.

A little green frog for good fortune

a penny I found heads up for luck

and a vial that is one part dirt, one part water, and one part air for the elements as well, as a match used to represent fire.

You may also include items that have no real representation or meaning but you just feel drawn to for reasons you cannot explain. You can continula add to your grigri, but it is not advised to remove anything from it.

Grigri box
it can be any size of your choosing, and can be made of any mattieral, it does not have to be anything expensive or fancy, it is completely up to you, nor does it have to be newly bought, it can be something you have lying around the house, or you can handmake it yourself.

It is best put in a place where it will be out in the open, and yet out of the way of any prying hands, and where it can sit undistrubed, but it should not be shoved within a drawer, or a closet out of sight. A good place might be on a fireplace mantel, on a dresser, or on a high shelf. You are the only one that should access, open, add to your grigri.

Grigir bag
the grigir bag just as the grigri box can be anything you like apperence and size wise, whatever appeals to you, though it might be best to make it somewaht small as it is something that should be carried around with you, something you can talk away in a purse, book bag, computer bag, or keep acutally on your person, in a pokcket or hanging from your belt, it is up to you, but it should travel around with you.

Grigri Stonehenge

There is a place where darkness and beutay meet.
Where romanticism and love are a strength
and were the seemingly delicate shine with thier own
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