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 Poppet Healing Spell

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PostSubject: Poppet Healing Spell   Tue Jul 24, 2007 10:36 am

To heal another whom is ailing, construct a puppet to represent the ill person, stuffed with chamomile flowers and vervain. Draw a black circle on the puppet around the area where the ailment is centered then consecrate the puppet and place it on your altar visualize the individual in vibrant health. Then put the puppet away.

At the Full Moon, consecrate a straight pin and fill it with healing energy. Take the puppet in your left hand and the pin in your right hand. Pierce the pin into the black circle and concentrate all your willpower on healing the ailing individual, chating as you do so "In the name of the God (or Goddess) I hold dear, I perice this disease with the spear of healing. As the Full Moon wanes, so shall this ailment fall to nothing. So mote it be"

Leave the pin in the puppet and store it unitll the New Moon or untill the person is restored. Then remove the pin and disassemble the puppet.


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Poppet Healing Spell
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