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PostSubject: Lilith   Tue Jul 24, 2007 2:06 pm

I just had to talk about Lilith, she is a figure that has always fascinated me and has many assoctions now surround her, though orginialy she was a figure of the Bibile, though you will not find her in any Bible you pick up and read now. The very fact that she has been censored from the Bibile and her unusual story has made her become embraced by many Non-Christain religious groups. Thier are cults that formed around her, and some view her as a Goddess, to some she is a female archtype as being one of the first femminists. Some have dubbed her as the Mother of Demons. There is one story in which King Solomn does cliam she appeared to him.

So just who is Lilith?

Before Adam and Eve, there was another creation myth writtin for the Bible in each God made Man and Woman equally, they were both made of the clay of the Earth and then God put life into them, and thus Adam and Lilith were born

Now becaue they were created equaly Lilith saw herself as equal to Adam and would not be obdient and subserviant to him, but demanded that they be treated the same becasue they were the same, they were both created of the earth. This was a source of much irritation to Adam, but what really put him over the edge, was the fact that during the act of making love Lility demanded being on top. This is just too much for Adam to take.

So Adam appleas to God and tells him that Lilith is just impossible and she will not obey him, and worst of all *gasp* during sex she demands to be on top, and he asks for another woman. So God seeing Adam's plight banishis Lilith from the Garden of Eden and creates Eve, learning his lesson from the first time, he would not make Eve equal to Adam, but made her from his rib so she would be a part of him, and thus have to be submissive to him.

So meanwhile, it is said, that after Lilith is bannished from Eden and into the dark whids, she fornicates with the beasts, which then causues her to give birth to the Demons. And it is said that she later becomes a succubus and most particulary targets young boys. Visiting them in thier sleep, she gives them impure thoughts and


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