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 Runic Naming Spell

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PostSubject: Runic Naming Spell   Wed Jul 25, 2007 5:12 pm

Many people like to give names to important ojects such as thier altar tools, thier cars, thier computers, and so forth. Sometimes the right name just pops into your mind, but other times you need a little help.

This spell uses rune dice to suggest a secert magickal name and a public everyday name for a new object.

Begin by placing a peice of cloth on or near the onject you wish to name. Select one of the rune dice at random and toss it onto the cloth. The facedown symbol indicates the secert name and nature of your object, while the face up symbol indicates the public ones.

Look up the associations in a rune book and meditate on the meaning of these runes, then use red ink or paint to mark the runes on the object to be named.

Runic Dice

Though there are places you can buy rune dice particuarly online, you can also make your own. There are two basic types of runic dice.

Though for this spell the best would be to make two standed die, but inscribing rune symbols on each side of them.

The other type of runic dice, is a more octogon shape, opposed to square, and contains all of the runic symbols upon a single die.


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Runic Naming Spell
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