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 Hot Foot Powder

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PostSubject: Hot Foot Powder   Fri Jul 27, 2007 6:01 pm

Hot Foot Powder -- and the allied formulas Hot Foot Oil, Hot Foot Incense, and Hot Foot Floor Wash-- are old Southern hoodoo formulas that are used to rid oneself or one's home of unwanted people, to send enemies packing, and to keep peace in the home by eliminating troublemakers. Similar formulas, known as Drive Away Oil or Get Away Oil, contain virtually the same ingredients, namely a proprietary blend of Red Pepper, sulphur, salt, and essential oils that include Black Pepper and other herbal extracts. The scent is hot and spicy, but it is not at all unpleasant.

Most "condition" formulas used in laying down tricks are based around oils, but Hot Foot Powder is allied to other, older "evil" powders of African derivation, such as Goofer Dust and Graveyard Dirt and Crossing Powder. Thus Hot Foot Powder predates the 19th century rise in popularity of scented "condition" sachet powders and although it is used in the same way, it is never referred to as a sachet. One way to employ Hot Foot Powder is to use a spoon to lift up and collect the dirt of the foot track of the person you wish to be rid of. Place the footprint dirt in a paper on which you have written your enemy's name 9 times and sprinkle it with Hot Foot Oil or mix it with Hot Foot Powder and then toss the mixture over your left shoulder into running water and walk away without looking back. The person will leave you alone and may have to move out of town. A river is the best running water in which to laying this trick, but if there isn't one near you, throw the packet into a flooded drainage ditch or flush it down the toilet.

The most popular way to use Hot Foot Powder is to sprinkle it across the troublemaker's foot track or upon a doorstep where he or she walks. (In hoodoo practice, sprinkling is accomplished by walking backward as the powders are dropped onto the ground.) The person whose foot tracks are thus crossed will not be able to recross, and will stay away from your home and leave your family in peace. If you cross someone's path on his or her own property, your enemy will be forced into a life of restless wandering, never able to return home.

Another way to perform this spell, if you cannot directly lay a foot track spell, is to get hold of the shoes or socks of the person you wish to be rid of, and to sprinkle Hot Foot Oil or Hot Foot Powder in them. Working with socks or shoes is what i call "sympathetic foot track magic." It too will drive the unwanted person out of your life and he or she will cease being a bother. The oil or powder will not burn the feet, but it will cause the person to stay away from you from that time on.

If the person you wish to be rid of rents a room from you, you may even go so far as to secretly wash down their walls and floor with Hot Foot Floor Wash, which will result in the victim's rapid removal from the premises. To make up the floor wash, just dissolve a handful of Hot Foot Crystals for Floor Wash in a pail of hot water. After they move out and you are ready to re-rent the room to a new tenant, be sure to wash down the walls and floor with purifying Chinese Wash to clean away that evil mess.

Finally, if you cannot lift a foot print, cross the person's foot path with powders, fix his or her shoes, wash down the house, or lay a trick by tossing Hot Foot Powder in the yard, you can perform a Hot Foot candle ritual to rid yourself of the hated one's presence. There are many variations of this spell, but here is a simple one: Get a photo of the person or write his or her name nine times in red ink on a piece of paper. Anoint a black candle with Hot Foot Oil and mark it into nine sections with nine sewing needles. Dip the four corners of the paper or photo in Hot Foot Oil and then sprinkle them with Hot Foot Powder. Place the photo or paper under a saucer beneath the candle. Light the candle, along with a portion of Hot Foot Incense, and let the candle burn one needle's worth, concentrating on your desire to be rid of the troublesome person. Save the used needle by sticking it into the photo or paper.

The next day and on each successive day, let the candle burn another needle's worth. Each time you light the candle, anoint it again and concentrate on your desire to be rid of the troublesome person. Save each needle by sticking it into the paper or photo, making double-crosses. (A "double cross" in hoodoo parlance is an X made with two strokes going in one direction and one stroke crossing in the other direction. In this case, nine pins or needles will make three double crosses, called "a triple double cross.")

On the last day, when the candle is burned down to the ninth needle, remove the photo or paper from beneath the candle, complete your last double cross, and consume the paper in the flame. Mix the ashes and the nine needles with Hot Foot Powder and throw them in running water over your left shoulder and walk away, just as you would have done with the person's footprint dirt. When you are done, wash down your own front path and door steps with salt or purifying Chinese Wash, sweeping away from the house and not toward it, while walking backward. When you are done, walk backwards into the house and close the door. After nine days, the one who has bothered you will be history as far as you and your family are concerned.


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Hot Foot Powder
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