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 The Chariot

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PostSubject: The Chariot   Sun Jul 29, 2007 10:04 am

The horses of the The Chariot signify contradictions and conflicts with which we do battle in our psyches. The role of the charioteer is to hold the horses together. In the same way we can use our will and the force of our personality to handle difficult situations.

This does not necessarily mean that we have total control, but if we have a strong ego we are able to confront and master our unconscious drives and impulses.

The Chariot reflects the power of our unconscious needs and the importance of knowing how to direct them in a wa purposeful and positive way. Ulitamtely this card is asking us to take up the reins and understand what is driving us, in such a way that we neither repress these powerful instincts nor give them total control.

Steering a middle ground through our opposing feelings, desires, and thoughts, and not acting out one extrme or another can strengthen the ego and foster growth and change.

The Chariot reminds us that conflict, provided it is handled with strength and awareness can be a creative force for change in our lives and can prevent us from stagnating.


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The Chariot
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