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 Dream Garden

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PostSubject: Dream Garden   Sun Jul 29, 2007 10:55 am

A dream garden is a safe peaceful place you can go to, to escape the world, it is your perosnal Eden or Paradise, and the best part is, becuase it does not exsist in this world it can be anything you want it does not have to conform to the laws of nature

What you will need

1 white candle
rose incense
a picture of a favored garden (it could be either a photo or a painting of some imaginary garden of which you are fond)

Light the candle and incense and place the picture upon your altar, if you have one, if not, then place it upon a beside table or somewhere near at hand where you can easily see it.

Focus all your atention upon the picture, feeling almost as if you could step into the picutre and enter into the garden. Now close your eyes and gradually begin to imagine your dream garden. Be as detailed as possible and as crative as you want, there are no rules of what can or cannot be. Think of the space you want, how big the garden is, where it is located, the climate of the garden, is it wild, or oderly. Is there life there, animals insencts, the song of birds, or is it quiet and still. Let your imgination guide you to create whatever the perfect Paradise garden would be for you.

Allow the incense and canlde to burn out on thier own and as you defit to sleep imagine yourself in the middle of your garden. You feel peaceful and at one with everything as the beauty of the garden envelopes you.

Vist this garden any night to rejuvinate, using its healing energies to remove any daily strees and surround you in peronsal energy that will help you sleep better.


There is a place where darkness and beutay meet.
Where romanticism and love are a strength
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Dream Garden
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