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 Moon Portal

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PostSubject: Moon Portal   Moon Portal Icon_minitimeSun Jul 29, 2007 10:58 am

Moon portals symolisim is an aid for Astral Projection and a doorway to the lunar realms.

Ussing a postar board draw or paint a symbolic setting like the moon altars standing stond arrangement. (see below for picture) The background cane be colored to enhance the desired energy.

To include water in the portal symbolism is to gain access to the magnetic properties of the Moon and is a link to the subconscious mind.

The portal is a focal point for meditation as well as a doorway to other dimensions. When constcutiong the portal, the Moons image should be placed directly center upon your post board. Symbols of the polarity of the lunar foce should be placed to represent the threshold. This can be black and white standing stones, or temple pillars, etc.. Water should be represented in the symbolism in one form or another. Idealy the water should cover the bottom of the board and a path should lead from the water to the Moon. This can be a path of light, or of land.

When using the moon portal, sit comftrably in front of the portal with only candles for lighting. If you desire you can fix the poster to the ceiling above your bed and mentally/astrally project as you drift off to sleep. Whatever you decide simply gaze upon the portal using the Moon as a focal point. Imagine yourself drifthing off into the moon, over the water and through the threshold.

Allow your imagination to annimate your epxerince, this is especially effective when drifting off to sleep as the portal will influence your Dreams.

This is an image to give you a basic idea of what the Moon Portal drawing should look like, it does not have to be exzact but this is just a visual to use as a guide.

Moon Portal The_moon_tarot

Moon Portal Stonehenge

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Moon Portal
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