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 Nativer Amercian Tradidtion

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PostSubject: Nativer Amercian Tradidtion   Nativer Amercian Tradidtion Icon_minitimeThu Jul 19, 2007 1:34 pm

I have always had much respect for the Native American tradition and many of the things the beleive are not far from my own beleifs, as in fact thier traditions run pretty close to that of the Celtic tradition which is very much an influence on me.

The Native American tradidtion is typicaly seen as being animistic, that is they beleive that all living things are animated with a soul, and that all things in nature have a spirit of thier own, from every animal and plant, to rocks, moutians and rivers. Everything in Nature is seen as alive, and people are seen as being in close connection with these things and should live in harmony with all life.

In the Native Amercian tradidtion aniamls are respected and revered and often seen as wise teachers that people can learn from. In face animals play a key role in many of thier Creation stories and other legends.

The Animal Totem is also a big part of thier tradidtion, in which it is beleived that all poeple have within them, an animal soul, which is thier totem animal, that will help guide them, and often comes to visist them within thier dreams. Some beleive that when they die they will be reincarnated into thier totem animal.

Tradiaionaly many Native Amercians are also named both after animals as well as other aspects of nature, in the hope that they will embody in the traits of that which they are named after.

In the Native Amercian tradidtion they do not really have a pantheon of Gods, but instead practice spirit worship, and anccestor worship, as well as a beleif in what is known as the Great Spirit. Which is not truly a god, but more of a oneness, something that connects all the world and all people and life together.

Nativer Amercian Tradidtion Stonehenge

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Nativer Amercian Tradidtion
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