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 Tipharet (The Sixth Path)

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PostSubject: Tipharet (The Sixth Path)   Tue Jul 31, 2007 5:27 pm

Tipharet is the sixth path

Beauty / Equilibrium / Ya'akov

Tipheret's planet (body) is the Sun.

Tipheret is at the center of the Tree. It is the point where the personality, moving up, first ventures into the realm of the soul. It is where spirit, descending, first 'splits off' and becomes physical.

Tipheret is at the summit of the personal realm, as Keter is at the summit of the Transpersonal realm. It is where the mundane world meets the spiritual.

Tipheret brings harmony and compassion to the world.

Tipheret is where the "I" is. It is the director of one's personal drama. It is not aloof, but completely involved, bringing spiritual awareness into the mundane realm. It is the small "I," as Keter is the superconsious "I." In Tipheret, we meet our higher selves, and learn to sacrifice lesser desires. It is integration of the higher reality into daily life. The animal nature is below, the spiritual nature is above.

Tipheret, forming a triad with Chesed and Gevurah, balances the three forces: Severity (Gevurah), Mercy (Chesed), and Tipheret (Beauty). The three spheres form the triad of soul.

Potentials of Tipheret: Development of beauty, harmony, balance; centered consciousness, bringing soul into the life. Reaching balance between spiritual and physical forces. It is unlimited devotion, healing, freedom, meditation, realization, rebirth, redemption, spiritual ecstasy, transcendance, wholeness.

The fragrance ascribed to Tipheret is Frankincense (Olibanum). It is associated with Apollo, Christ, Mithras, Krishna, Osiris, and Buddha, all avatars who experienced a transformation of some sort..


There is a place where darkness and beutay meet.
Where romanticism and love are a strength
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Tipharet (The Sixth Path)
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