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 The Wheel of Fortune

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PostSubject: The Wheel of Fortune   Wed Aug 01, 2007 9:40 am

The Wheel of Fortune addresses the age old debate of free will versus fate. This card does not mean that everything in our lives is preordained, but it does remind us that we do not have total control of the outer circumstances of our lives. We are often tempted to blame fate rather than take responseablity for our lives, but this card reminds is we all have choices regaurdless of what life brings us.

At a deeper level it suggests that ultimately we are architects of our own fate, in spite of the fact that we rail against what we do not concisiously choose. We may not be able to control the way the wheel turns, but we can the manner in which we respond.

In the Wheel of Fortune we come to see that there is a connection between what happens to us in the outside world and our own inner dynmaic. If we can understand our involvement with the process and situations in which we find ourselves then we are less likely to feel at the mercy of fate and more able to direct the course of our own lives.


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The Wheel of Fortune
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