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PostSubject: Hemorrhoids   Thu Aug 02, 2007 1:44 pm


Pot marigold: Excellent for healing the skin, this cheeful hardy annual was vauled by the ancient Egyptians as a rejuvinating bath

Virginian witch: Considered the best wood for making divining rods, witch hazel has small yellow delicately scented flowers that appear in late autumn.

Peppermint: Peppermint is used to flavor many familiar products such as toothpaste and chewing gum. It is cooling and refreshing and helpts to settle the stomach.

Lesser celandine: Also called pilewort this is one of many plants with a visual clue to the condition it cures. Its knobby roots resemble hemorrhoids. Caution do not used if pregnant.


Aerial parts of peppermint and leaves of witch hazel as required. Collect witch hazel bark when woody enough. In summer unearth celandine roots. Collect marigold flowers as they appear.


Pile Ointment

Pot marigold, celandine, and witch hazel can be made into and ointment using pertroleum jelly or base cream. Chop up the witch hazel bark, the celandine root, and add to the cream. Use one tablespoon of root and bark to each cup of cream, add four fresh or dried pot marigold flowers and heat gently for 15mins. At the last moment add peppermint sprig. Strain into jars. Use as needed.

Tea to help piles

To treat piles internally, make a standared tea, with pot marigold flowers and witch hazel leaves. Drink a cupful three times a day as needed.


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