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 Imparting Bad News

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PostSubject: Imparting Bad News   Mon Aug 13, 2007 12:54 am

When reading for other people, it can be diffciult and a delicate matter when the cards give you on unfavorable news, as different readers have varrious different theroy's on how to handle this situation, I know there are some whom do not like or will not relate bad news to the person being red for, while others are more inlined to stay to the truth.

It can be difficult to handle, for one thing you do not wnat to give the person being read for unesccairy anxiety and fear that could have a harmful affect upon thier life, that they need not have, and the is also the chance that the one being read will turn against you as the reader, and turn thier fears, and anxieits into anger against you for what you have told him, like the old saying 'Don't shoot the messenger"

So how should you handle the situation? Well I beleive the reader has an obligation to always hold true to the cards, and that the one being read for as a right to know the truth, but there are different ways to apporach the truth, in the case of having to impart some bad news, you should present it in a very calm way, and you should stress more upon the good things, or things they can do to change, and less upon the acutal bad event itself.

You should tell them what the cards say, but make sure they also understand that, it is not written in stone, and they can take steps to change the course.

It is imporant in cases like this to keep a poker face of sorts, becasue if you come off as being anxious or shocked or disconcerted by a reading they will pick up on that, and it will deepen thier own reservations.


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Imparting Bad News
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