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 The Love Spell

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PostSubject: The Love Spell   Wed Aug 15, 2007 9:29 pm

The love spell is as old as Paganisim and magick itself and is still prevelent today, but there are two very distinct different types of the love spell and when one is seeking such out, should be very careful and really look carefuly at just what the spell is doing and how it is worded, and what its intent is doing.

The first type of love spell, and the oldest type, the one which is most commonly used in movies, and can still be found over the internet and in varrious books, is a rather unethical pratice and is not the making of a genuine and long lasting relaionship. It is the form of love speel meant to enchant, for one to make another have feelings, and desires which are not natural to them, and of which they do not truly feel, it is intended to make one fall in love with a person with whom they may feel no such feelings for. Magick should never be used to try and impose your will upon another person, to try and control thier thoughts or make them think or feel things of which they would not naturaly think or feel.

The secoundary type of love spell is of a very different sort, it works with a persons natural feelings instead of trying to impose new ones, it is a way in which a person might streghthen the bond they have with a partner, or to make thier love intrest become more open with thier feelings, but it does not force a person to have a feelings they do not already have.

Also thier are spells which can help make a person appear genrealy more attractive, or give them a stronger allure, and to change thier genreal luck in love without acutaly targeting a specific person, and this can work well for a person looking for new love.


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The Love Spell
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