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 The Moon

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PostSubject: The Moon   Thu Aug 16, 2007 10:21 am

The Moon is a symbol of our inner world, which speaks to us through the language of imgination and dreams. Something in our pysche is trying to surface and make itself known to us.

The Moon compels us to understand the more hidden parts of our nature, our unconsisous impulses and instincts. These are not always readily accessible to our consicious minds, but are more easily expressed through dreams and by means of creative and artistic pursuits.

Our feelings are often confussed and nebuklous when this card appears. We may even experince hopelessness or despair. Sometimes we are prone to delusion or decception so that we are unable to see things as they really are. We feel we are groping in the dark and have very little sense of what the future holds. We cannot solver our problems with logic or analysis at this time.

Instead we must rely on our dreams and intutions to offer us the insights we need to understand the more hidden parts of ourselves. Once these dark corners of our psyches have been illuminated, we have the opprotunity to incoporate them into our understanding of ourselves and become more intergrated.


There is a place where darkness and beutay meet.
Where romanticism and love are a strength
and were the seemingly delicate shine with thier own
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The Moon
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