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PostSubject: Judgement   Fri Aug 17, 2007 10:26 am

According to karmic law, each of us is judged after death for our deeds on earth. The Judgement card symbolizes the rewards and penalties that we experince, according to the true value of our actions.

It refelcts the need to re-evaluate ourselves and our accomplishments in a frank and honest way. When we reach the end of a chapter we automaticaly start a new one, but before we do so we need to confront the consequences of our past actions and come to terms with the posistion in which we find ourselves.

Sometimes we can take delight in our achivements to date and have cause to celebrate. At other times we need to come face to face with our mistakes our self-betrayls and resolve any conflicts within ourselves.

We may not be in total control of our destiny but our lives are shaped by the desiscions we make. Judgement teaches us that we are all in the end responseable for our reality and that the more aware we are of the choices we make , the more responseable we will be for our own individual fate.


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