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 Creating a Familiar

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PostSubject: Creating a Familiar   Mon Aug 20, 2007 9:43 am

This rite is designed for cats but may be emplyed with any other animal you may wish to make your familliar. Each night during the cycle of the waxing Moon, sit closely with the animal. Arrange it so that you are both facing the toward the horizon where the Moon shall rise. Stroke the creature firmly but with love untill he or she begins to purr or relax. Align your own breathing with the purr or in the case of a non-feline animal, the animals own breathing. Continue to do this each night at moonrise. When the Moon is full, your will shall be one with that of your famillar. You shall see through its eyes, and it will see through yours. Your thoughts will be as one, and you will share a single heart.


There is a place where darkness and beutay meet.
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Creating a Familiar
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