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PostSubject: Mediumship   Mon Aug 20, 2007 5:06 pm

Well most of us are probaly famillar with the concept of a Meduim, they are also sometimes refered to as senstives, though one must be careful about confusing Meduims with Pychics, they are not completely the same thing, though between the two their can be some overlappting,

A Medium is one whom is epscially attuned to the dead, and can act as a messenger between the spirit world and this world, they can communicate with the idea, or in some cases channel the spirits of the dead, and physcialy see spirits, as well have dreams about those whom have passed away.

In some cases they can uses the spirits and thier connection to the spirit world to gain insight into the future and to foresee events that are to come, or they can act as a tool to allow people commune with thier loved ones, either just for one last goodbye or seeking guidence.

There is also some controvery and debate over the use of Mediums by Police Enforcement as some people claim they consult with Meduims to help solve crimes, but others deny that thier is any validity to this, though there are a few meduims whom cliam they have done police work before.

Mediums work through the use of what is known as the 3 Cliars

1. CLAIRVOYANCE when mediums see the spirit
2. CLAIRAUDIENCE when mediums hear the spirit
3. CLAIRSENTIENCE when mediums senses the presence and the thoughts of the spirit.

One of the key difference between Meduims and Psychics, is that Psychics do not nessciarily work through the dead, or commune with the dead, they have prophetic visions, are porphetic dreams, but do not nessciarly channel spirits, though it is common for those whom are gifted with the ability of foresight to be sensative to spirit activity.


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