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 Automatic writing

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PostSubject: Automatic writing   Tue Aug 21, 2007 2:14 pm

Automatic writing is the process of writing without have a clear concious thought of what you are writing and not writing from the concious mind. This can work in a couple of different ways. In some cases a person might go into a trance and start witing without any awareness of what they are wirting or doing, or in some cases the person could be aware of what they are doing but feel as if some other force is controling thier hand and pen, and writing things which they are not willfully doing.

In some cases this is seen as a way of channeling/communing with the dead in which a person beleives it is acutally a spirit that takes control of the pen to send out a message, though in other cases it can be a way for your subconcious to send a message to your concious self.

In many cases during this progress a person might write in hand-writing that is not normaly thier own, or write words, names, etc...they they do not know, or have not heard of before. Or they might use langauge, or have a certain tone in thier writing which is unatural to how they would normally write or the kinds of words they would normaly use.

In the Automatic writing process, the writing can also become very frantic, and hurried, and be reduced to scirbbles or a child-like hand.


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Automatic writing
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