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 Demonic Possession

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PostSubject: Demonic Possession   Wed Aug 22, 2007 10:28 pm

Demonic pocession is a rather intresting subject of which holds the fascination of many and has throughout town. Through history and up into today there are many accounts given of claimed demonic pocession, though it is true, today, with are greater understanding of the human body and physcyhology and medical advancentments, we better understand many possible occurances of pocession as being related to mental illnesses that can no be trated, this is not to discount all possible cliams of pocession.

On this note it might be intresting to state, that there is evidence in the Mayan cultures, of very early forms of lobotamies being preformed upon the sick, as holes were found in skulls that had been drilled just in the front of the head. Even they without the ablities and technology we have now and some understanding of the relation to pocession and the mind, it was belived by them when one was ill, it was becasue there was a bad spirit in their head, and so they would drill in give make a hole in which the spirit could escape.

Now to return to the subject of potential genuine pocessions, one thing that it is imporant to remeber about demonic pocession is that most the demons that pass into this world, and whom seek to take control of anothers body are inherently weak, they feed off the fear they produce within you and that is what gives them thier strength which is why demons use bully tatcis and intimidation to find your vulnrablity.

Though it is true that exorisims and other simillar sort of rituals can be helpful in driving the demon away, or weakening it, the truest and best way in which a person can fight a demon and be rid of it, is through the power of thier own will.

No one says that it is easy, espcailly when you are acutally experincing it, but when it comes down to it, just like with human bullies, when you stand up to them, you take away thier power, they do not like tragets that will put up a fight, they want what is easiest. And so when you make it known that they are not welcome, and you push back against them, they will after a struggle retreat, and they are not like to try and come back again.


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Demonic Possession
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