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 Cold Sores

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PostSubject: Cold Sores   Thu Aug 23, 2007 1:37 pm


Lemon Balm: A tenacious plant with a tendency to take over a pot, lemon balm should be picked liberally for use in remedies or herbal teas to keep under control.

Garlic: Easily grown from a clove, garlic has been shown to improve resitance to infection.

Pot marigold: With thier orange or yellow flowers, pot marigolds combine particuarly well with purple coneflowers.

Purple coneflower: This flowers of this plant have lovely rich brown staments and purple-pink petals. It takes several years to grow a farily good sized clump.


Lemon balm leaves when needed and pot marigold flowers as they open. Harvest purple coneflower root in autumn. Uproot garlic bulb in autumn or summer.


Protective Decontion

Cold sores sometimes appear at times of stress. As a protective measure, make a decoction of purple coneflower root by boiling three teaspoons of root in 2 cups of water. Add three pot marigold flowers. Cool, strain and drink one cupful three times a day.

Lemon balm salve

Squeeze some juice from a lemon balm leaf and apply directly to the skin.

Garlic salve

Cut open a garlic clove and dab directly on to the affect area at the first sign of irritation.


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Cold Sores
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