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 Ancient Exorcism

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PostSubject: Ancient Exorcism   Thu Aug 23, 2007 9:05 pm

To rid the hourse of bad spirits this routine is as ancient as the hills. Use this if you really feel you have a negative spirit abiding with you.

On full moon sweep with a broom across the threshold of your home and then bang it three times on the step. Continue through every room in the house with the broom, sweeping up a vertitable storm of energy. Now sweep backward through the house and to the front door or back door and symbolicaly chase out the last of the bad energy. Bang the brrom thrice again. Light a candle in the main room of the house in front of a mirror and direct all evil to leave. Let the candle burn right down then offer a blessing to the spirit to return to its proper plane of concsisouness.


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Ancient Exorcism
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