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 Astral Dream Altar

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PostSubject: Astral Dream Altar   Fri Aug 24, 2007 10:32 am

The astral dream altar is not in the phycial world, but it is an altar creater in the astral plane, within your own mind, something you can access in medication and in your dreams.

To establish an astral dream altar you will need a small smooth white stone and a bowl of saltwater and strong visulization

Place the stone in the saltwater for a few minitues in order to clear it of any unwanted energies, as a way of clenshing, and then rinse if off in cool water for one minitue and dry it off, once that is done, hold it in your reciving hand (If you are right handed hold it in your left hand, if you are left handed hold it in your right hand) while you are sitting on your bed.

Empower the stone by saying

Magickal altar seen but not seen
sacred stone table of my dreams
may I stand before you tonight
beneath the starspun moonglight
So be it! So dream it so!

Now close your eyes and visulize the stone becoming larger and forming into a natural stone altar resting in a place which is most comftrable to you, (For example if you love the forest then imagine it in a shady woodland grove, or if you love the coast, imagine it upon a seculeded beach, and so forth)

See and sense yourself standing in front of your astral dream altar placing each of your tools upon the altar one by one (these would be the same tools you would use for an altar in the physcial world) Start simple and then elaborate making it more personal and unusual over time

After laying each of your tools down, meantaly connect with them through a strand of brillient white light. Move your attention and the light from one object to another, filling each of them in the with the white light, and proceed to connect the tools together with the white light as you do this sense yourself filling the stone in your hand with the image of your astral dream altar.

Now lay back upon your bed, while still holding the stone in your hand, as you begin to drit to sleep repeat "Dream it so" over and over untill you fall asleep.

In the morning give the stone a place of honor on your Dream Altar. Any time you want to return to your astal dream altar, hold the stone in your hand (the same hand you used before) close your eyes and imagine yourself standing before your astral dream altar


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Astral Dream Altar
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